Rhino Conservation Experience

Rhino poaching has reached a crisis point.  At present, three of the five species of rhino are critically endangered, with two having fewer than 80 animals left in the wild.  The good news is that, together, we can contribute to the survival of the species in the wild.

Ranger Buck Safaris arranges exclusive access to rhinos during the darting process and subsequent research work undertaken by the authorities.



The Experience includes the following:


  • Assisting to manoeuvre the animal into a safe position to work on
  • Monitoring vital signs of the animal
  • Drilling and inserting horn microchips or total de-horning, if required
  • Applying medication and ointments
  • Cutting of ear notches for identification purposes
  • Recording important measurements including horn length, shoulder height and body length.
Rhino Conservation Experience

Once in Lifetime Opportunity


Once the rhino has been mobilized all crew and guests will enjoy a full bush breakfast.  During the breakfast there will be a full de-brief of the operation and reflection of the encounter.  Your efforts would have made a meaningful contribution to the survival of the species.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute significantly to the conservation of the rhino species for future generations to enjoy.

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